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LFC Mini Ball Tennis

LFC Mini Ball Tennis

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      Fantastic to play with family & friends. Serve, volley & rally for hours of fun. Use on any surface, ideal for gardens, parks, training pitches & even beaches. Easily folds into a lightweight carry bag for portability and storage.

      Mini Ball Tennis set includes free-standing net, court & pegs.

      55 x 20 x 16cm

      In play 260 x 140cm


      Set up instructions:
      1. Remove contents from carry and storage bag
      2. Unclip the folded mini football tennis frame
      3. Expand the frame by clicking the spring loaded joints into place
      4. Place on the ground with the net uprights pointing upwards
      5. Take the mini ball tennis net and fit over the frame upwards
      6. Create the court y using the court tape and pessing down the corners for stability
      7. Place the net in the middle of the court
      8. You are ready to go. Happy playing!