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LFC Dog Harness
LFC Dog Harness
LFC Dog Harness

LFC Dog Harness

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      The LFC dog harness is both beautiful and practical. It has an awesome fit, looks amazing, and is sure to become your everyday favourite. The harness is made from soft body-hugging neoprene and lined with a breathable air mesh to keep your dog cool. it will fit snugly and is very flexible, allowing your dog complete freedom of movement for both adventure and play time. Both you and your dog will love this pawsome stand-out harness!

      To make sure the harness fits your dog snug and comfy, we've included 3 places to adjust the size. As your dog grows (or their fur gets thicker), you'll be able to adjust the harness for a best fit. The harness is machine washable on the handwash cycle. They're available in a range of fully adjustable sizes.
      Sizes :
      M   43-51cm 46 -62cm
      L    47-57cm 60-89cm