Tiempo Legend 10 Elite AS FG 'Rising Gem Pack'
Tiempo Legend 10 Elite AS FG 'Rising Gem Pack'
Tiempo Legend 10 Elite AS FG 'Rising Gem Pack'
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Tiempo Legend 10 Elite AS FG 'Rising Gem Pack'

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Jamal Musiala Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite AS
FG Low-Top Soccer Cleats
We make Elite cleats for those obsessed with the game, the hidden gems that grind in the shadows, behind the scenes, when nobody else is watching. This special edition Legend 10 is no exception. Featuring a metallic Swoosh design, they will be on the feet of the best players as they take to the field of the world’s biggest tournaments. Add in FlyTouch Plus for exceptional touch, and you have a championship-level cleat ready for personal brilliance.

Brilliant Swoosh Design
Designed with the hard work of brilliance in mind, the textured Swoosh logo symbolizes the friction that goes into polishing a gem before it shines. The grey resembles the darkness you work under while the plate has an iridescent finish that represents your breakthrough moment when it’s time to shine. A gleaming upper along the side of the heel represents the shining light that breaks through the darkness.
Amplified Touch
See those microdots on the upper? They amplify touch zones for shooting, dribbling and passing. They make for a sleeker look while taking out the extra padding. Even better, they don't sacrifice the ball control you crave on the field. We shaved down the foam pods from the Tiempo 9, so your foot can get even closer to the ball when it’s in your control. Instead, we molded the lines into the cleat. All Conditions Control (ACC) technology adds a grippy texture in both wet and dry conditions.
Natural, Conforming Fit
FlyTouch Plus engineered leather is incredibly soft. It helps the cleat mold to your foot for comfort without overstretching the material. Flyknit around the ankle gives you a secure feel.
Traction for the Field
The plate blends conical studs in the heel for optimal traction and stability when braking and changing direction, just right under any conditions.

More Details
  • For use on slightly wet, short-grass fields
  • Not intended for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Cushioned insole