Predator Freak+ FG Junior 'Whitespark Pack'
Predator Freak+ FG Junior 'Whitespark Pack'
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Predator Freak+ FG Junior 'Whitespark Pack'

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Unleash your full force of nature wearing adidas Predator Freak+ FG football boots, featuring Demonskin 2.0 spines for devastating control and ball striking. With Demonskin 2.0 spines covering almost the entirety of the mid- and forefoot, the adidas Predator Freak+ ups the intimidation factor in both looks and performance.

The spines are styled to be even more aggressive and have spread to the top of the boot, producing outrageous dip and swerve on volleys in addition to first-class control when receiving the ball and dribbling.

For comfort and convenience, the Pred’s compressive Primeknit upper now features a two-piece, easy-entry collar, with the higher back section acting as a guide to allow your foot to slide in. No messing about – boots on, ready to play. Exactly what you want.

Underfoot, the split-tooled soleplate boasts a hybrid stud pattern for quick movement in all directions, combining with an external heel counter to ensure stability and traction as you dominate the pitch.